Big Data and You: Weekly Round-Up

This week's news on big data: privacy, public health, and the "scary" state of cybersecurity.

A conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology explored ways of protecting the information gained from big data efforts. [Scientific American]

From the MIT conference: Who’s winning the war of big data versus privacy? [InformationWeek]

Civil rights groups are fighting against high-tech profiling. [Washington Post]

Twitter can detect and potentially prevent outbreaks of HIV. [UCLA, via Mashable]

Information from large data sets is being used to discourage anti-vaccine activism. [Forbes]

What is synthetic problem solving, and why are companies like Google and Amazon using it? [VentureBeat]

A defense of Common Core, using analysis from big data. [Brookings]

“The state of cybersecurity: Scary as hell, but getting better.” [GigaOm]

How one family’s tragedy was exacerbated by holes in information security. [Wall Street Journal – paywall]

Video: Data can predict – and potentially control – human behavior. [The Economist]

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Lauren Caldwell, Rachel Ostrow, and Sandra Zuniga Guzman contributed to this post.

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