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The Alienation, Victimization, and Frustration of French Muslims – Part I

This two part series will look at Muslims in France to provide insight into the alienation, victimization, and frustration that is radicalizing some French Muslims to committing the recent terrorist attacks in France.

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The European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) : A Decade Later

The crisis in Ukraine and the civil war prevailing in Syria have raised deep concerns over the European Union’s ability to act as a credible actor in foreign affairs. So, has the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP) failed to meet its objectives? What are the challenges facing the ENP?

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Britain, Europe, Scotland – and the Economist

Ted R. Bromund, Adjunct Professor with the Strategic Studies Program at SAIS, and Senior Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation, examines the rise of Euroscepticism in post-war Great Britain.

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Democracies Can Hit the Pause Button

Democracies on both sides of the Atlantic are facing challenges — causing chatter amongst pundits about decline or dissolution.

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Making Biography in Foreign Policy: Elections 2012

This year’s slew of elections and other leadership selection processes will see new heads of state in many capitals around the world. Leadership matters—as Ralph Waldo Emerson put it, “there is properly no history, only biography….” Presidential elections have already been held in Taiwan and Russia this year, as have parliamentary elections in Greece and […]

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The Big Chill: Priorities & Realities for a Modern NATO

The final installment of a three-part series on NATO by Nic Wondra. See the first and second articles. A different NATO might restore a solidarity lost with the invasion of Iraq. The alliance’s moral credibility and the credible threat of hard power deployment are central to ensuring that NATO has a future. This might be achieved through a rebranding, […]

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Breaking News: Soviet Union Disintegrates

Part 2 of 3 in a series on NATO by Nic Wondra It just has not sunk in yet. Somehow, The US’s (and therefore NATO’s) largest concern is the Russian Federation. The upcoming elections will bring a lot of issues to light, even if we see another Putin-Medvedev administration.  The Western press seems to write […]

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NATO on the Rocks? Stirred, Not Shaken

The first in a three part series by Nic Wondra on NATO and its future role in security