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False Positives and Spurious Correlations: An Interview with Professor Mark White

What’s wrong with big data? Is its use causing more mistakes? Professor Mark White discusses the negative implications of the newest trend in research with SAIS Review Assistant Editor Kyle Johnson.

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Open Government Data Fuels Private Sector Innovation: Data Jams, Hackathons and Datapaloozas

What happens when you put dozens of energy specialists, technology experts and government policymakers in a room? Senior Editor Lauren Caldwell discusses open government data initiatives — including datapaloozas, data jams and hackathons — with a Department of Energy Presidential Innovation Fellow.

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The Egyptian Uprising: A Case Study in Intifadat and the Difficulty of Lasting Change

SAIS graduate Jennifer Fishkin contradicts several assumptions about the Egyptian uprising, evaluates the prospects for change, and discusses the consequences for today’s regime in Egypt in this provocative paper.

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Will China’s Leadership Transition Lead to a New Cross-Strait Policy?

Cristina Garafola and Bao-chiun “Jingbo” Jing assess the potential for improved cross-Strait relations under China’s new leader Xi Jinping and Taiwan’s incumbent president Ma Ying-jeou.

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Xi Jinping and the Challenges of Chinese Leadership

Bernard Geoxavier examines the upcoming changes in Beijing’s leadership process, informed by his research at the Hopkins Nanjing Center on the domestic political determinants of Chinese foreign policy.

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Post-Inaugural Tension

Ivan Khilko analyzes the political situation in Russia following Vladimir Putin’s return to the Kremlin.

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Democracy in Action: A Campaign Rally from the 2012 Taiwanese Presidential Elections

Our first meeting on the election study trip took us to AIT, the American Institute in Taiwan. Unfortunately, Professor Freeman was unable to make her connecting flight in Japan but she met up with us later in the afternoon. Photo by Cristina Garafola. Later in the day, we visited the Central Election Commission (CEC) to […]

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Terror in the Sinai: An End to Israeli-Egyptian Peace?

Growing terrorism in the Sinai peninsula is threatening peace between Egypt and Israel, a key stabilizer in the Middle East.

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Strategic Vision: An Interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski

The SAIS Review chats with former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski about his new book, Strategic Vision, and some of the most pressing issues—American decline, Iran, and China—facing today’s policy-makers.

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Iraq’s Post-American Future: Requiem for an Occupation

In this three-part series, Nate Rosenblatt, a 2009 SAIS graduate, discusses his experience building an American-style university in Iraq. In the first part of the series, Nate looks back at the difficulties faced by the Americans during the occupation. In his subsequent posts, he reflects on the future of an independent Iraq, and examines the role that America might play in the wake of its $750 trillion dollar investment in Iraq’s future.