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New Agenda, New Narrative: What Happens After 2015?

The crafting of the post-2015 development agenda began with a pivotal decision to integrate environmental, social, and economic issues into a set of sustainable development goals (SDGs). Since their inception, the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have become a unifying mechanism for a previously disjointed development community. Homi Kharas from the Brookings Institution discusses the MDGs and what comes Post-2015.

So Long, Solow: The Case for Teaching Agile Global Development

In his forthcoming article for the SAIS Review, Aniket Bhushan writes: "Much of the data we rely on in international affairs and international development research and analysis is fraught with problems, and is so slow that it is almost a historical caricature by the time it is published, barely descriptive about the present, let alone insightful about the future.” Senior Editor Lauren Caldwell argues that the field of international development should embrace real-time data analysis, and reject the lagging indicators that characterize traditional economic development models.