Editor’s Picks: December 2-6

The best of the Internet on maritime security, ocean resources, and sovereignty for the week of December 2-6.

As part of the SAIS Review‘s digital evolution, we’ll be providing links to articles and studies worth reading every Friday morning. This week, our staff picks revolve around our current issue topic: maritime security, ocean resources, and sovereignty.

Are the PLA’s naval capabilities over-hyped? [The Diplomat]

On a related note, China has put the Asia-Pacific on alert with the enlargement of their air defense zone. [The New York Times]

Fascinating piece on territorial competition between China and the Philippines over an archaeological site. (paywall) [The Wall Street Journal]

Levels of pirate activity in West Africa are exceeding those in East Africa: here’s a look at why. [ISN Zurich]

East African nations are seeking to combat piracy with multilateral maritime security efforts. [IHS Jane’s]

Iran has been skirting UN fishing regulations, and may be threatening fish stocks and resources in the Persian Gulf. [The Atlantic]

Russia is intensifying its Arctic presence and perhaps even preparing for conflict. [The Diplomat]

Vast freshwater reserves have been discovered under ocean floors around the world – could they solve the impending water crisis? [Forbes]

On the science side of oceans: the ocean on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, may be capable of sustaining life. [Science World Report]

Sports at sea – surfers unite to make the sport safer for enthusiasts. [The New York Times]


Many thanks to our assistant editors for helping in the compilation of this list.

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