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Episode 4: Bonus Content: An American Turning Point

January 26, 2021 — After the rapid succession of January’s political events, The Looking Glass podcast team and The SAIS Review editorial board found it imperative to discuss the state of our American union. The majority of our team are U.S. citizens and the attack on the Capitol, impeachment, and inauguration left us all with much to think about. We explore what these recent events mean for our specific fields of study. We debate the role of foreign policy in our domestic affairs and vice versa. We layout our hopes for the future. Listen in on our open discussion, and perhaps it will transport you to those pre-COVID-19 chats you might have struck up in Nitze cafe or as you rushed over to BOB.

Episode 3: Living in a Digital World

January 11, 2021 — The Looking Glass’ second installment of our diplomacy series is here! Complementing the current print journal, “Ex Amicitia Pax: Diplomacy in Action,” we discuss how technology has evolved beyond just a tool into an international relations space. From national security to digital governance, this episode covers the individual and organizational responses to technology’s most pressing concerns. We are happy to have SAISer’s Professor Kenneth Keller, Ph.D. student Simin Kargar, and M.A. students Ashley Wax, Ben Deese, and Alex Kessler join us in conversation.

Episode 2: The Future of Diplomacy and the U.S. Foreign Service

December 4, 2020 — To complement the print journal’s topic of “Ex Amicitia Pax: Diplomacy in Action,” The Looking Glass is kicking off our diplomacy series! Over the next 3 installments, we will be exploring different facets of diplomacy and how it is being impacted by current global challenges. In this episode we explore what it means to engage in diplomacy in a COVID-19 world. Join us as we talk about a passion for service with Counsul-General to Hamburg Darion Akins and SAIS Black Student Union President Theo Guidry.

Episode 1: The Future of U.S.-China Relations

August 12, 2020 — Showcasing fresh, policy-relevant perspectives from professional and student experts, this inaugural episode peers into the future of US-China relations. On this episode we speak with SAIS Professor Emeritus David M. Lampton. Then, our student panel with Zhanping Ling, Logan Ma, and Chenyu Wu weigh in with insightful reflection.