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S4E4: Law & Justice: The Face of Polish Authoritarianism

July 11, 2022— This episode of The Looking Glass follows the rise of authoritarianism in Poland over the past forty years and considers the varied consequences; from rising tensions with the European Union, to the weaponization of conspiracy and revisionist history, to violations of human rights and threats to democracy. It considers the state of things, as well as the stakes–what it all means for Poles today and in the future.

Joining us in this episode are Professor Charles Gati of Johns Hopkins SAIS and American University Master’s candidate Abigail Steinsieck, whose testimonies shed light on how, when, and why Poland transitioned from a paragon of a post-Soviet democracy to a semi-authoritarian state–and what may be coming next.

This episode was produced by Mary Hopkins and Jen Roberts.

S4E3: Helping Hands: International Institutions in the War in Ukraine

June 30, 2022— This episode of The Looking Glass tackles the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and asks the question: what can international institutions do to intervene in this conflict? It explores challenges faced by these organizations and what policies they can put in place to solve these problems.

Join us as guests Nele Ewers-Peters, Jason Blessing, and Obiora Okafor as they discuss the historical role of NATO, the EU, and the UN and explore what options these institutions have in resolving this war, as well as further recommendations they have for what steps can be taken in the future.

This episode was produced by Derek Chuah and Jen Roberts.

S4E2: Gender Disinformation

March 25, 2022— This episode of The Looking Glass dives into the understudied field of Gender Disinformation. It explores how disinformation operations conducted against women are inherently different than their male counterparts. This episode combines the subjects of the last two SAIS Review issues, “Who Runs the World: A Look at Gender in International Affairs” and “Conflict in the Fifth Domain”, which focuses on cybersecurity.

Join us as guests Lucina Di Meco and Kristina Wilfore from #she-persisted, the only global initiative dedicated to tackling gender disinformation against women in politics, discuss what gender disinformation is, examine case studies, and reflect on the role social media companies play in perpetuating this issue.

This episode was produced by Jen Roberts.

S4E1: Choose Your Weapon: A Survey of Cybersecurity

January 10, 2022— Join hosts Jen Roberts and Derek Chuah as The Looking Glass enters its fourth season! This episode features a roundtable of cybersecurity professionals who discuss a variety of topics, ranging from how malware is implemented in cyberattacks to a review of the Biden Administration’s cybersecurity policies. Join us as we discuss choosing our weapon with Will Loomis, an Assistant Director at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Ross Luo, a Software Engineer at Nvidia and a Cyber Officer in the Air Force Reserves, Justin Marinelli, an Analyst at the Department of Defense, and Alexandra Seymour, the Chief of Staff at CalypsoAI. This episode was produced by Jen Roberts and Derek Chuah.

S3E2: Happy Wife, Happy Life: China’s Commitment to Gender Equality in Africa

November 18, 2021— This episode of The Looking Glass examines recent changes in China’s posture regarding China-Africa relations, complimenting the SAIS Review’s latest print issue Who Runs the World: A Look at Gender in International Affairs. Join our guests Professor Zongyuan Zoe Liu, from Texas A&M University and Professor Maria Carrai from New York University Shanghai as they discuss the successes and struggles in promoting gender equality in Africa and motivations for pursuing gender equality on the continent.

S3E1: End of An Era: A Review of Chancellor Angela Merkel

September 20, 2021— “Who Runs the World: A Look at Gender in International Affairs,” The Looking Glass is kicking off our new season. Over the next few installments, we will be exploring different facets of gender and its role in policy. In this episode, we explore Chancellor Angela Merkel’s tenure. First, we examine some of her key policy successes and failures. Then, we look to the future, discussing what the upcoming German elections mean for the European Union and Germany. Join us as we talk with the President of the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies, Jeff Rathke, and Senior Fellow for Europe at the Council on Foreign Relations and SAIS Professor, Matthias Matthijs.