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Water Security & The Maghreb

North African states and communities are no strangers to careful water management and its relevance to effective governance in challenging times. Old underground water channels, ingenious methods of water storage and collection, to today’s dams and hydropower projects, are time-spanning…

Brussels, Belgium

Why the Global Skills Partnership between Morocco and Belgium is a Positive-Sum Game

Limon B. Rodriguez is a doctoral candidate in international affairs with a specialization in development economics at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Tensions emerge between, on the one hand, labor shortages in higher-income countries in a…

A Model to Implement Sustainable Development in Morocco

In terms of human development potential, Morocco is a nation of immense promise, where gifted fortunes of nature such as wide-ranging organic agricultural products come together with dynamic social development frameworks. Moroccan development opportunities could launch the country into a haven for community-managed projects and change in Africa and the Near East.