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Hamster on a Treadmill: Western Diplomacy and the Kosovo Status Dispute

David B. Kanin is an Adjunct Lecturer at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS). Since 1878 the Balkan region has come under successive great power security caps, each of which has turned out to be less permanent than advertised. The war in Ukraine underscores the fact that stability in the area, and […]

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The Kyiv-Kosovo Catalyst: Ukraine’s Recognition of Kosovo Can Affirm Western Order in the Balkans and Across Europe

Edward P. Joseph is a Senior Fellow at the Foreign Policy Institute. Summary Will there be one European order or two? That is the unavoidable question looming over high-stakes US and EU diplomacy on Kosovo. Elaborating the author’s statement to the British Parliament, this article explains why the question of Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity […]