Energy & Environment Security & Conflict

How Climate Change Could Make Water a Resource Trap Risk

Climate change will likely make it harder for people to find potable water. Over the next 50 years, some parts of the planet may become virtually uninhabitable, which could in turn cause large waves of human migration.[1] Nearly a third of the world’s population lives in water-stressed countries, indicating the risk of significant competition for […]

Asia Pacific Energy & Environment International Development

Water Crisis in Kabul Could Be Severe If Not Addressed

In this article, Mohsin Amin and Elnaz Hassanpour Adeh from Oregon State University tackle the issue of water scarcity in Afghanistan and its implications for the stability of the country. After discussing the recent myriad problems facing the water infrastructure system in Kabul, they propose several engineering and policy solutions such as the construction of the Shah-Arus Dam and the creation of the Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) that will ameliorate the situation.

Energy & Environment Governance & Law

Meeting Growing Demand for Water, Energy, and Food with the “Nexus” Approach

SAIS MA candidate Diane French gives another perspective on meeting the growing demand for water, energy, and food through an integrated “nexus” approach to achieve water, energy, and food security worldwide.

Energy & Environment International Development Policy & Politics

Reducing Extreme Poverty Through the Water-Energy-Food Nexus

SAIS MA candidate Caitlin Smith offers ideas to enhance resiliency and reduce extreme poverty through the water-energy-food nexus.