The World in Transition: Interview with the Panelists

The SAIS Review's Associate Editor Meghan Kleinsteiber interviewed Samuel Tadros from Hudson Institute and Yukon Huang from Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on two regions undergoing major transitions today, the Middle East and China. Watch the interviews here.

IMAG1661At the release event last MondaySamuel Tadros, a research fellow at Hudson Institute’s Center for Religious Freedom, and Yukon Huang, a senior associate at Carnegie Endowment for International Peace’s Asia Program, gave compelling presentations on the theme of “The World in Transition”  in a panel moderated by Dr. Charles Gati. Meghan Kleinsteiber, an Associate Editor of The SAIS Review, interviewed the two experts before their presentations.

Mr. Tadros, who is currently writing a book on the Copts and the modern politics of Egypt, shares his views on these topics:

  • The role of Western states in the Arab Spring
  • The desirability of liberalization and democratization
  • The interaction between Wahhabism and political transition


Dr. Huang, who is a former World Bank country director for China, addresses the audience about China’s conflict between political and economic liberalization. Watch the clip below for Dr. Huang’s thoughts on the following:

  • The connection between economic and political liberalization in China
  • How the Chinese Communist Party manages a rising tide of citizen activism
  • The possible effects of local-level political reform on Chinese public sentiment


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