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Now Available: The SAIS Review’s Newest Issue on the Intersection of Gender and International Affairs

We are thrilled to share that our 41.1 issue, Who Runs The World: A Look at Gender in International Affairs, is now available on Project Muse. This issue highlights the vital yet underrepresented perspectives contributed by women and other people who do not identify as cis-gendered men to national and international policy. In presenting this […]

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Women in Afghanistan: The Forgotten Objective

The US decision to focus on civil rights and institutions as a part of an overall counter-insurgency strategy was not a mistake. The suggestion that the United States has no obligation to address women’s rights in the negotiation process because “such rights have never existed in most of Afghanistan” is an insult to the thousands of women that have sacrificed for the American ideals of freedom and equality pushed by the Allies since 2001.